Monthly goals for the last two weeks of November

My six months goals will start in December, but I will use these last two weeks of November to test the format of this weekly plan.
I decided not to have classes with a tutor for these first two weeks because I know almost nothing, thus, it will be productive. But I intend to schedule the first classes for December when I think I will know at least how to say basic sentences. But for now, those are my goals and weekly organization:

Goals of the month

  • [ ] Greeting and introduction
  • [ ] Talk about yourself
  • [ ] Talk about family and friends
  • [ ] Numbers (from zero to one thousand, and hours)
  • [ ] Colors (black, white, yellow, blue, red, orange, pink, purple, gray, brown)
  • [ ] Countries and nationalities
  • [ ] Food and drinks

Weekly organization

Weekly Organization for November

Bonus Challenges

  • [ ] Babbel Newcomer – Curse 1
  • [ ] Babbel Newcomer – Curse 2
  • [ ] Babbel Newcomer – Curse 3

Well, this is my two weeks warming up for December.